Welcome to Green Tara College School of Shamanism

Welcome! We offer training and other activities in Shamanism.

Shamanism can take you to new realms of possibility

Green Tara College is dedicated to holistic studies – mind, body and spirit.  The Shamanic School is a branch of the College devoted to the study and teaching of modern and traditional shamanism.

This website is dedicated to our shamanic training courses and activitiesincluding Norse Runeology, Andean Spirituality, Core Shamanism, Neo-shamanism, and traditional shamanic techniques from the native Q’ero tradition of Peru.

Our shamanic training ranges from beginners introductions in Core Shamanism (sometimes known as Neo-Shamanism), personal development programs through our Medicine Wheel, and advanced shamanic training in Traditional Quechuan Shamanism from Peru.  Intermediate and Advanced training includes initiations.  The full training program available takes about 7 years.

We are priviledged to have Juan Nunez del Prado as a visiting teacher.  Juan and his son Ivan offer their full range of training courses in Andean Spirituality each November.

Shamanic ceremony at Golden Lake, Peru
Shamanic ceremony at Golden Lake, Peru