About Green Tara College Faculty of Shamanic and Spiritual Studies


Stone of Destiny, Hill of Tara, Meath, Ireland
Stone of Destiny, Hill of Tara

Green Tara College is based in Navan, County Meath, Ireland.  Navan is approximately 30 minutes drive from Dublin, Ireland’s capital (and largest) city.

This region is sometimes known as Ireland’s “sacred valley” because of the large number of sacred sites.  In addition to the Hill of Tara, ancient seat of the Kings of Ireland, and still an active and powerful sacred site.  Legend has it that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of from the Hill of Tara.  There are a number of well known sacred sites within 20 miles of Navan, and hundreds of sites of archeological significance.

The Faculty of Shamanic and Spiritual Studies is dedicated to researching and teaching spiritual and other energy-focused practices, beliefs and techniques.  Our expertise lies in Reiki, Psychic Healing, Tarot, Kabbalah, Crystals, Germanic Shamanism, Quechuan (or Q’ero) Shamanism, Andean Spirituality, Core (or Neo) Shamanism, Astrology.

Quechuan Shaman Don Francisco
Don Francisco at Macchu Pichu

We offer a multi-year training program in Shamanism which will take someone from beginner to highly advanced.  Our shamanic training program commences with our Introduction to Shamanism course.  This teaches basic journeying techniques, through which the student will acquire their first of many Spirit Helpers.  Intermediate training commences with our one-year Medicine Wheel.  This teaches the central practices of a shaman and provides an opportunity for substantial personal healing and growth.  Most people find this course fundamentally changes their life for the better.  The Medicines Wheel involves a series of initiations which develop one’s shamanic powers and understanding.  Our full Advanced Shamanic Training program takes three to five years.  Advanced training occurs largely within the Quechuan (or Q’ero) tradition as found in the Q’ero regions of Peru.  Some field training in Peru with local shaman may be involved.  Advanced training involves a series of three or four major initiations.

We also offer training in:

Reiki, from beginner to Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher.

Tarot – a one-year weekend training course designed to take you from beginner to professional.  This course is the only one in Ireland which teaches you to be a professional Tarot reader from knowing nothing about the Tarot at all.  Many of our students now have successful Tarot consultancies.  Training includes Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, Alchemy, Mythology, Psychology and Business Skills.  Initiations and meditations ensure all students become fully psychic.

Germanic Shamanism – introductory training in working with Runes and their spirits.

Traditional Q'ero blessing
Traditional Q’ero blessing

Crystals – from introductory to advanced.

Andean Spirituality – visiting teachers from Peru and the USA, and the world’s leaders in the profound and practical energy techniques of the Q’ero of Peru – Juan Nunez del Prado and Elizabeth Jenkins.


Our approach to teaching is to empower our students.  No two shaman are identical.  The essence of each shaman is their unique personality.  It is therefore our role as shamanic teachers to encourage students to develop their own style, discover their special talents, and follow their own unique path.  As recipients of profound wisdom developed over many centuries, we believe we have a responsibility to pass this knowledge on as honourably as possible – respecting those who have walked this path before us, and mindful of what we leave to those who will come after us.

International Gathering of Shaman
The 7th Annual International Gathering of Shamans was hosted in Ireland by Green Tara College.

We believe strongly that one of the most important elements of shamanism is building a deep personal connection with Nature and the spirits of the land.  Ireland truely is a magical land, with an unusually large number of ancient sacred sites which have remained in use (and active).  We are blessed to be surrounded by one of the highest concentrations of sacred sites in Europe.  We work out on the land as much as we can.