Teaching Staff

Teachers at Green Tara College:

Juan Nunez del Prado

Among world experts on the Q’ero, royal descendants of ancient Inkans, Peruvian Anthropologist, Juan Nuñez del Prado is without peer – unparalleled in his knowledge, experience, and pure transmission of Peruvian wisdom to Western culture. Sought for his teachings by every variety of spiritual seeker, from young Qero to seasoned academics, Juan Nunez is a master’s master, a ceaseless learner of the Spiritual Art of living – in a world where “everything is alive.” [read more…]

Courses Taught:

Ayanna Raiha

“When I first embraced the Runes and the ancient knowledge in Norse Mythology, it was not like studying a new subject, but rather awakening something which had been sleeping inside me. From that moment, approximately 4 years ago, I have been embracing the wisdom of the Runes and using them daily in my life as advisers and guides and for healing and protection.” [read more…]

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Owen Roberts

Owen Roberts has studied Hermeticism in Western Mystery Schools, Neo-shamanism in Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society and traditional Quechuan Despacho Shamanism under Q’ero Elder and Pa’qo, Don Sebastian Apaza.  He holds degrees in Classics and Philosophy.  Owen’s work has been to fuse traditional shamanism and psychic development with the western traditions of Kabbalah and Hermeticism, and modern psychological understanding. [read more…]

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Majella Fagan

Majella is a long-established and well-known teacher of Reiki, Shamanism, Crystals and Indian Head Massage in Navan.  Majella holds a BA in Drama & a BSc in Psychology. She is qualified in Traditional Reiki (Usui), Sekiem, Sekhem, Shamanism (Core, Celtic and Inca traditions, Four Winds), Kinesiology, Hopi Ear Candling (Auricular Academy), Crystal Therapy and Certified to teach Diana Cooper Angel workshops. [read more…]

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Christina Swan

We are currently waiting on her information.  [read more…]

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