Teaching Staff – Anyanna Raiha

Ayanna Raiha
Ayanna Raiha

My name is Ayanna Raiha and I am teaching the introductory course in Norse Mythology and Runology. Born and grown up in a small village in the eastern part of Germany, I came to Ireland 15 years ago. Here in Ireland I started to embrace a holistic lifestyle, studied to become a Reiki Master, Diet-Nutritionist and Shamanic practitioner.

The training I received in Core shamanism, Celtic and Peruvian shamanic techniques, as well as the Advanced Shamanic training here in Green Tara College, have all been life changing for me and helped me to heal and embrace myself on a deeper level. As part of the shamanic training, the connection to the ancestors, their wisdom and messages are very important. In my case this connection had been stirring inside me, waiting to be acknowledged and awakened. When I first embraced the Runes and the ancient knowledge in Norse Mythology, it was not like studying a new subject, but rather awakening something which had been sleeping inside me. From that moment, approximately 4 years ago, I have been embracing the wisdom of the Runes and using them daily in my life as advisers and guides and for healing and protection.

I would like to share this knowledge with others – people who would like to know more about the Runes. It does not matter if you are interested in receiving just a general introduction, want to use them for your own growth or as a first step for further study in Runology. This course is structured to facilitate all of these and I would be delighted to welcome you and share my knowledge.

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