Shamanic Practitioner Training

We are delighted to offer this deep, authentic, powerful and incredibly beautiful soul tradition.

A Medicine Wheel graduate presides over a Shamanic Handfasting ceremony
A Medicine Wheel graduate presides over a Shamanic Handfasting ceremony

This a complete training in shamanism which will enable anybody who chooses to work as a shamanic practitioner and gain professional insurance to practice and also for those who wish to learn shamanism for personal use.

The course run over a sequence of weekends through the year.

Native Celtic & Andean Shamanic Training Course

We offer the teachings of the Q’ero Indians of Peru, which we have incorporated with our own Celtic traditions.  We also incorporate elements of many other shamanic traditions as taught to us such as core shamanism, aboriginal, etc.

The Q’ero are the direct descendants of the shamanic healers and teachers of the Inca Empire. When the Inca Empire was conquered by the Spanish, they retreated into the High Andes, hiding for 400 years in a network of villages above 14,000 feet.  It is only since the 1970’s that they have established contact with the rest of us.  Since then they have been bringing their original teachings, untainted by the modern world, to us.  The high point of a civilization based upon shamanic principles, Q’ero teachings being a deep and ancient wisdom to our modern problems.

Our Brigid Despacho fuses Celtic and Q'ero traditions.
Our Brigid Despacho fuses Celtic and Q’ero traditions.

We have been privileged to study directly with some of the Q’ero elders, receiving key initiations which produce powerful energy shifts and awaken new forms of awareness and power.  We have been granted permission by the Q’ero to pass on these teachings and initiations.  It is our privilege to now offer these to you.

Through teachings founded on the teachings of the ancient Inca Q’ero Shamans, through initiations and rites of passage, through individual and group healing, through connection with the ancient sacred sites of Ireland, through a fusion of the Celtic and Q’ero traditions and through sacred ceremony  we will walk a medicine wheel of deep healing and transformation.

Shamanism is the same in every culture – it is the basis of human spirituality.  Yet each tradition has something unique to offer.  We will add to the blend of wisdom teachings and practices from North America, Southern Africa and Australia.

You will become more connected to our sacred Celtic ancestry, to the Q’ero tradition, to your own spiritual shamanic ancestry and to the power of the land.  If you let it, this work can transform your life and eventually allow you to know, and even change, your own destiny.

When you have completed the medicine wheel you will be fully competent and capable of working with clients in practice and walking the path of the earth – ‘the beauty way’.

working out on the land is an important part of the training
Working out on the land is an important part of the training

What will you  do on the course?

  • Learn to walk the path of inner knowing and wisdom.
  • Learn the craft of energy healing medicine.
  • Learn ancient medicine teachings.
  • Develop psychic awareness.
  • Connect with angels.
  • Destiny work – discover your true self and your life’s callings.
  • Take trips to places of power and how to work with them.
  • Learn how to hear the voices of nature.  The trees, clouds and waters talk to us, learn to hear their voices and respond.
  • Discover how to bring the power and healing of these ancient practices into your daily life
  • Learn to walk the earth sacredly.
  • Learn how to release that within yourself which does not serve you.
  • Learn to walk always protected in this realm and all others.
  • Learn to heal past lives.
  • Learn to create a greater destiny.
  • Work with mythology and symbolism.
  • To  become your own soul friend.
  • To be able in your life one day soon to say “I have found who I truly am, I know and have experienced the wisdom of my soul, I have followed the path of my heart. I have followed the path of walking in beauty and harmony upon the earth and between the worlds.
  • The opportunity to connect with and deepen your connection to the earth and all that live with us – ‘to walk upon the earth with beauty.’
  • The opportunity to experience the purification process of traditional native American Sweat Lodge.
  • Fire Ceremony.
  • Monthly full moon  ceremony.
  • Trance Dance (optional).
  • Learn to carry a medicine bundle and learn to work with it

Once you have completed the medicine wheel, advanced courses become available which enable you to build upon this foundation.  Further training enables you to develop expertise in specialised shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval and destiny work.  Many therapists of all forms bring this into their counselling and therapy practices, weave it with reflexology, massage, reiki etc.

Mound of Hostages, Hill of Tara. A key site in our training.
Mound of Hostages, Hill of Tara. A key site in our training.

This is some of the most exciting work you will ever encounter.

The work that we teach comes from the heart and is rooted in groundedness, it is not dramatic or showy, all the techniques can be used quietly and discretely or in a shamanic setting depending on the needs of those you work with.

The space that we create and hold is a safe space of nurturing and one of non-judgment. We teach with a strong emphasis on energy protection and thus the understanding of energy underlies the core teaching.

We do not get wrapped in story but focus on the shedding, release and healing.  All of the teaching is guided and dedicated to spirit, we spend time in ceremony and meditation when working to integrate and bring this training to you.

We aim to attract students that are

  • dedicated to their personal growth.
  • students that are curious.
  • students that already have some training but seek to know more and understand more.
  • people who want to learn to connect with the sacred power places and gain wisdom from them (e.g. Tara).
  • people that just feel drawn to come to the workshops and don’t know why!
  • complete beginners.
  • people already trained in this field and looking to learn deeper techniques.
  • people already trained in core shamanism and wish to further their skills to more effective working techniques.
  • people that are already working in the complementary field.
  • people that are trained as psychotherapists and counsellors.
  • shamanic healers who feel that they need more working methods to enhance their practice, something is missing?
  • shamanic practitioners that wish to connect and work with an authentic, living, traditional shamanic lineage.

Psychic Development

The training and the personal working experience of this training will help you to open up to the ‘seer’ within. You will learn to use your extra sensory skills (seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing, visionary) in a wide variety of ways.  Every step of the training helps to open and awaken your intuitive sense.  You will receive powerful traditional Andean initiations  that will enable you to do some of the following:

  • See Auric fields
  • Awaken and develop your innate psychic abilities
  • Awaken and develop gifts and abilities from other lives
  • See imprints and damage on Auric fields
  • See past lives for yourself and others
  • Learn to do stone readings for divination
  • Learn to use the tarot as an intuitive skill
  • Learn to use your seerer’s gifts for divination
  • Learn to track areas of illness and energy blocks
  • Learn to identify and communicate with angels, spirit guides and helpers
  • Learn to see what needs to be removed or healed from the energy fields
  • Learn to bring ancestral healing with the gifts of seeing.
  • Learn to bring healing to the earth and all the world
  • Learn to bring these gifts to your other skills be it counselliing, reflexology, psychotherapy, reiki, massage , sports massage and all other complementary and alternative medicine
  • Learn to bring these skills into your daily life and walk as a seer whether it is from buying a house, to choosing the right career path everything from minor to major decisions on all the levels (practical, physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual)


Stone of Destiny on the Hill of Tara
Learn to work with the Stone of Destiny on the Hill of Tara

The shaman believes that ‘we dream our world into being’ – that we can create our own destiny.  As we heal ourselves within the core structure of the training, we begin to bring our own inner light to the earth so we walk a sacred path as luminous light beings.  During the Medicine Wheel training we clear our past pain so we can walk free into the future and create a destiny far greater than that which we have dreamed of.

Already working as a therapist?

If you are already working in any area of  the complementary field you will find that this training will complement your professional work.  It will bring you to a greater awareness of the healing processes as you learn the energetic principles of ‘healing’ and how to work directly with energy.  This work will truly add to your abilities in working with clients — from seeking what best serves them in a treatment to using the techniques within treatment and to understanding clients.  In the field of  counselling and psychotherapy you will find the techniques are invaluable to working with your clients and helping them to empower themselves.

Already trained in shamanism:

If you have trained in Core Shamanism or taken other workshops you are more than welcome along.  This course will be a move forward into deeper shamanic work and bring you many extra skills and initiations enhancing the skills you already have. Our aim is for each person to identify and develop their own way of working, to find this energy healer, practitioner within themselves and to grow their abilities to their highest levels.  You will find through the initiations and rites of passage that you will come away with an extremely nurturing, gentle but powerful tools at your disposal.  Through the initiations to the ancient Q’ero lineage, through the initiations and connections to the sacred power places surrounding us (Tara, Loughcrew, etc.) that you will have many allies and wisdom in your work.

Despacho work

Owen Roberts & Don Sebastian Apaza
Tutor Owen Roberts with his teacher of traditional despacho ceremony, Don Sebastian Apaza

The work with Despachos is unique in our training.  Our tutor, Owen Roberts, is the only person in Ireland, and one of only three people in Europe to receive the complete set of all three lightning initiations by Q’ero Elder and Master Shaman, Don Sebastian Apaza.  Owen studied traditional Q’ero despacho ceremony under Don Sebastian for many years.

What you can do with the training

  • This work is not just about being a practitioner – it’s firstly about personal healing, personal empowerment,  it makes you more self aware, self empowered, gives you confidence, improves your health and overall empowers you in your life in every way.
  • Self healing ‘to bring healing to the world it is important to start from a place close to you (yourself!), do not start from something distant such as philosophy or logic’
  • Daily practice in your life
  • Healing for loved ones
  • Healing for animals
  • Practitioner healing – you will be trained to bring this work to clients so you can work professionally
  • Add this training to your present skills and integrate it
  • Bring this work to the corporate world if you work in that field
  • Work with people who are in respite   and also learn to bring healing and assistance to a loved one or clients who is in the process of passing over.

Further possibilities with the training

We invite you to build a new relationship with the world.

Once you have completed the Medicine Wheel we have further training and specialised work available:

  • Advanced shamanic divination techniques using tarot, stones, crystals, I Ching etc.
  • Specialise in Despacho work
  • Specialise in Soul Retrieval
  • Specialize in protection and  clearing work
  • Incorporate the training with your own work to become an all round ‘energy healer’
  • Specialise in plant and herb medicine – learn to bring this work to nutritional and herbal remedies
  • Advanced Destiny Work – learn to activate, and change, your highest destiny

Further Information

Energy Management: In addition to the specific medicine wheel weekends, you are required to attend the Energy Management course as part of the training.
First Aid: If you are planning to use this course to work as a practitioner we advise that you take a recognized first aid course (Red Cross, Order of Malta).
Qualification: – Shamanic Practitioners Certification in Andean and Celtic Shamanism


Fees: – €1495.00 for over 100 hours of personal training.

We are delighted to be able to offer the fee at this time at  €250.00 per weekend and must be paid either coming up to the training or on the first morning of registration on each weekend.  You can also pay the full course fees up front.


The location for the training is in the heart of the Boyne valley (Navan) and we will be surrounded by Tara, Loughcrew, Newgrange, Fore, Uisneach, the River Boyne alongside many, many more sacred sites in the Meath Valley. We will walk the land, do ceremony and receive some initiations in these sacred places.


Green Tara College – we are right in the centre of Navan with available long term car parking close by for the Saturdays (free on Sundays and evenings)


Saturdays (9.45am – 9pm) and finish by 6pm at the latest on Sunday.

Sacred Sites:

Depending on the course topic we will be visiting sacred sites at Tara and Lough Crew, River Boyne and others.


comfortable loose clothing with indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. As we will be going out to the sites bring outdoor gear, hill walking boots, trainers, wellies, warm clothing, wet gear, wind protectors, bags or cushion to sit on each weekend.


You will need a pendulum, 3 stones/rock (not too big), cloth or bag to put the stones in, journal, pens, sleeping bag/blanket, anything else you need for personal comfort.  If you have rattles or drums, sage, bring them along and any other sacred objects (if not we will have some provided).

Can’t make a weekend? 

It is preferable to take the training in the order given as they are designed to build upon each other, but if you are unable to attend a workshop you can take the training in modules.  You can also catch up on the missed training at the next round of the Medicine Wheel.

Further Training: 

With  this work there will be the opportunity of doing a second year and third year of advanced training or take further specialised training in workshop modules or just separate workshops as they come up.